Welcome on the Peace Trail



The Peace Trail-Community began in November 2016 at the "courage for change" convention in Ebersberg near Munich, Germany. "Mutually we want to want establish a distinct sign for peace - in Germany, in Europe and all over the world."


More and more commited people join the peace trail community. It is no club, it has no religious or political objectives.



The Peace Trail is a modern pilgrimage for peace. It is going to take place from May 9th - May 28th 2017 all over Europe. The Peace Trail bases on one´s own initiative, on self-responsibility and on networking. There is no central organization.


What for

Peace reassures to mutually create a future worth living. We have reached a tipping point, where there is no way to continue without peace. The moment to set a strong signal is now.



Walking in peace is deeply embodied in all cultures of humanity. As soon as different humans are approaching one another and walk together on the Peace Trail, a peaceful cooperation can emerge. Everybody is welcome.



People go on a pilgrimage either on their own individual route or the go together on one of the classic pilgrimage routes, i.e. the Camino de Santiago.


It does not matter whether you go for a couple of hours, a weekend or the whole period of time from May 9th until May 28th, 2017.


The final celebrations on May 28th in many cities will be the begin of manifold projects and initiatives. All people are welcome to participate.


In the beginning Focus of the activities was Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the meantime many initiatives in Europe and in the whole world have joined the peace trail.


Our Vision

The Peace Trail has the potential to become a global event. The longing for peace unites us all, everybody is welcome.


Please share the message of the peace trail with all your friends. Take action, walk on the peace trail, now!



You want to walk on the peace trail with your family, your friends, your club, your village or town? Pick a nice route: A hiking trail, a small country road or a section of an official pilgrimage route (i.e. Camino de Santiago).


Fix a date and a time and invite all your friends. Please keep us informed and let the whole world know about your Peace Trail here mitmachen@friedensweg.org.


You will find further details on our webpage "How to join" and on facebook.



The initiators are from all walks of life (alphabetical order):

Attila Cseh (Internet-Marketing-Unternehmer, Freilassing), Balanza (Künstler, Allgäu), Stephan Bergmann (Verein für indianische Lebensweisen e.V.), Dagmar Berkenberg (World Peace Prayer Society, Germering), Ulrich Bühlhof (Solaringenieur, Kalifornien), Jo Conrad (Journalist, Deutschland), Matthias Imarin Cordes (singing financial Consultant, Stuttgart), Monika Cyrani (Künstlerin, München), Jakob Deutinger (Österreich), ELOM (Künstler, Deutschland), Bärbel Gehrling (Heilpraktikerin Psych., Syst. Aufstellerin, Ebersberg), Elfriede Haas-Ehrenfeld (Kurs in Wundern, Wien), Erich Hambach (Aufklärer, Autor, Redner, Friedensaktivist, Chiemgau), Tina Hambach (Naturprodukte, Chiemgau), Nicola Harder (Theaterpädagogin, Oberbrunn), Georg Hartinger (Landwirt, Dorfen), Peter Herrmann (Autor, Redner, Coach und Dolmetscher, Tegernsee), Patrick Kammerer (SEOM, Künstler, Autor, Augsburg), Alexandra Kneissl (Zahnärztin, Starnberg), Horst Kroeger (Naturbackwarenhändler),Ingrid Kürzinger (Landwirtin, Rattiszell), Tom Lutz (Gemeinschaftsprojekte, Bad Feilnbach), Monika Motzko (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie, Olching), Dennis O´Neill (Künstler, Ibiza), Nette (Liedermacherin, Frankfurt), Uli Neumann (Zahnarzt, Übersee), Michael Prechtl (Klangheiler & Erdheiler, Bayern), Vandana Shiva (alternative Nobelpreisträgerin, Indien), Lajos Sitas (Künstler, Mühldorf a. Inn), Lex van Someren (Künstler, Musiker und Heiler, Baden Baden), Robert Stein (Journalist, Deutschland), Andrea Tosi (Repeacer, Schweiz), Matthias Walter (Friedensbaumstiftung), Voice & Spririt (Künstler, Deutschland) … and many others.


The webpage friedensweg.org was created with the friendly support of Hambacher Kulturförderverein e.V., Sunkenroth 8, D-83569 Vogtareuth, Germany.


Media Contact

Martina Hambach, tina@friedensweg.org

A phone number for media contacts will be provided soon.




Internationale Friedensweg-Community
c/o Hambacher Kulturförderverein e.V.

Sunkenroth 8

D-83569 Vogtareuth


Fax: 0321 21363506


E-Mail: infofriedenswegorg




Die Impulse für den Friedensweg verursachen Kosten. Bitte unterstützt den Friedensweg auch finanziell!




The Friedensweg in Europe from 9th May to 28th May 2017 is a movement of pilgrims for peace.


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