An image says more than a thousand words. Here you will find films and trailers showing positive ways of transformation for the world and mankind. We also show clips depicting situations that need a change towards peace. When we change ourselves we change the world.


You will also find clips showing the idea and process of the peace trail. By sharing these you can get others involved easily.


There are also music clips with powerful songs to remind us of our resposibility for the earth and for peace. Please share these videos and clips with as many people as possible.





Internationale Friedensweg-Community
c/o Hambacher Kulturförderverein e.V.

Sunkenroth 8

D-83569 Vogtareuth


Fax: 0321 21363506


E-Mail: infofriedenswegorg




Die Impulse für den Friedensweg verursachen Kosten. Bitte unterstützt den Friedensweg auch finanziell!




The Friedensweg in Europe from 9th May to 28th May 2017 is a movement of pilgrims for peace.


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